Reasons To Choose Industrial Cleaning Services


Many companies still underestimate the necessity of hiring a particular firm to do the cleaning for their industrial units and applications. Obviously, these companies like FES can not do the cleaning job themselves. You will need specialized tools and technology to perform industrial cleaning tasks.

When do you need to get professional cleaning service? Ideally, you should consider how big your facility. If you have large complicated facility, you can’t perform the job yourself nor hire some novice cleaners to do it for you. One certain benefit of getting a skilled cleaning company is that the cost is much lower in comparison to getting a group of cleaners; the work done by a company is, in fact, a lot more efficient as these cleaning companies have sufficient specialized equipment and tools to do the job.

Normally, a professional cleaning service company will be required if you own a large office or industrial facility where you have particular heavy duty cleaning requirements. Basic cleaning tasks can be carried out by hiring few cleaners. However, for complex tasks such as cleaning pipes and tubes of some industrial applications, you will need to consider finding a company with revolutionary technology and equipment. If you work in oil refinery field, you may hear about Decoking Descaling Technology (DDT). DDT is an innovative cleaning technology which is invented by FES., a firm based in Lacombe, Canada. This company is led by Orlande Sivacoe, the one who invented this innovative cleaning technology. FES. is reputed to be the leader in providing qualified off-line decoking of fired heaters.

DDT is so widely used in the industry field that it’s the first name showing up in the head of refiners if they need to clean their industrial equipment. For basic cleaning jobs, people can find smaller companies with other cleaning strategies such as steam-air decoking, chemical cleaning. However, to remove the toughest cokes and scales, they have no other options to pick but DDT. Hardly any other cleaning techniques available in the market now can be compared to DDT by way of efficiency. DDT doesn’t involve chemical usage in their cleaning process, so it’s clear that this technology is safe to the environment. Consequently, DDT is especially recommended among refiners.

FES builds up platforms for off-line decoking of fired heaters for oil refineries and bitumen upgraders. All coke and scale will be completely removed from commercial fired heaters with this advanced cleaning technique. The company also provides hardware products, which includes coke-removal devices along with mobile hydraulic pumping units; and deposit removal services. DDT has clients in Canada and all over the world. Established in 1991, DDT is based in Lacombe, Canada and has now been a Global Leadership business with clients in Fifty-one countries around the world and more than 150 refineries.

Decoking Descaling Technology is the most innovative cleaning technology these days. If you are interested, don’t forget to check out their official website: FES.